Do’s and Don’ts for the Apple Shape

The apple-shaped body is one of the hardest to style. A simple misstep can mar your entire outfit and give you unflattering results. It’s best for you to know your most flattering features and work towards accentuating those. The apple shape might be used interchangeably with the inverted triangle shape, but the latter has more weight in the midsection.

What is the apple shape?

The apple body shape is characterized by very broad shoulders, a wide torso, and a full bust. It is regarded as a plump, sexy, and juicy body type. You have some curves but you’re not necessarily curvy through your hips. 

Do’s and Don’t for Dressing the Apple Body


Focus on your flattering features

Add some flair to your upper body

Accentuate your legs


Skip the body-hugging skirts, pants, and dresses.

Steer clear of oversized tops, especially those that offer little in terms of style.

What to Wear

Wrap Dresses:

These will focus on your positives and take focus off your waist, which is a negative for your body type. Wrap dresses are some of the best dresses for the apple shape.

Tops with Volume:

These will place all the focus to your the best part of your body, drawing away from your waist and lower body.

Flared bottoms:

When you wear straight and fitted bottoms, you draw attention to an unflattering part of your shape. Opt instead for flared skirts and bootcut pants.


Dresses, tops, and other items of clothing with V necks or plunging necklines are perfect for you. They draw attention to your upper body, and at the same time, they give the illusion of a longer torso.

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