A great way to take your personal spaces from drab to fab is by using throw pillows. Throw pillows are tiny additions to your rooms that can make a great deal of difference. In this article, all the focus is on how you can transform your space with throw pillows. We will be highlighting different types of throw pillows, as well as different techniques you can use to turn your spaces around. Keep reading to learn more.

Floral Throw Pillows 

Floral patterned pillows are making a comeback, but as with any patterns in your home, it’s important to mix wisely. Too many patterns can make a space feel cluttered and overwhelming. There are tons of different ways to mix and match patterns to incorporate floral throw pillows into an interior space, from creative color combinations to carefully choosing how to match patterns and more.

One way to mix multiple floral patterns is to choose multiple floral prints that share the same background color. White and off-white colors like beige are good neutral tones for pillow backgrounds and allow for layering of multiple sized pillows.

Balance is key. Florals make great accents to solid colors. If you have a dark red couch, choose throw pillows with deep red flowers against a white or cream background. Match them with solid white or cream-colored throw pillows to make the patterns feel more cohesive but still stand out.

Textured Pillows – Suede, Fur, Knitted

Many people think size and color are the only ways to mix things up; however, don’t forget about texture. Think of your room’s pillows as a family. They should be related, yet unique. It’s okay to combine things like silky upholstery, smooth leather, fuzzy fabric, and soft cotton. Heavier, courser fabric pillows such as tapestries can be placed behind soft and inviting pillows. It can be a great look.

Multiple textures should always have at least one hue in common, so choose that color for your additions. Even if you have different patterns on your upholstery, curtains, carpeting, and more, the space won’t feel overwhelming as long as you have something in common across the board. 

Patterned Throw Pillows

One clever way to create stylish contrast is to work with different patterns using the same color palette. For example, the pillows in your living room may be a brown cream color, but some might have stripes, others a floral design, and others plaid. These pairings create a subtle and controlled contrast that’s still noticeable. (The opposite can also be true; you can use pillows of the same pattern, but with different colors.)

Finally, are all of your pillows the same size and shape? Mix things up by including oversized pillows, lumbar pillows, circular pillows, and other unique shapes. Standard squares are great for comfort, but not always the best stylistic choice.Layering pillows of different size and shape is a great way to soften the look and add depth, especially on large sofas and sectionals.

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