Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied During a Lockdown

Kids are imaginative, full of energy, and bubbling with life. During this lockdown period, kids are home from school and as a parent, relative, or guardian who’s a non-essential worker, you’re at home with them 24/7. It’s one of your primary duties at this time to assume the roles of a teacher, parent, and an entertainer all at once. You need to keep them active and entertained at all times, while making sure they don’t fall behind on taking in educational content. In this blog post, we will be running you through some innovative and interesting ways to keep kids occupied during a lockdown.

Babies and Toddlers

Babies don’t need to be occupied as much as toddlers during this period. After all, all they do is stay at home all day anyway. For toddlers who have started daycare, kindergarten, or even full-time school, you have your work cut our for you. Here are some ideas to keep them occupied:

Coloring Books/Pages: If you don’t already have some coloring books for your toddlers at home, you can print some pages out from the internet. You can alternatively just draw some images for them to color in. clear out an area of the house for them to use and with the right amount of coloring materials, they can spend a good number of hours on it.

Story Time: You can either use physical story books, or find some interesting short stories for children on the internet. Story time doesn’t have to be an activity reserved only for bedtime.

Ages 4-10

Kids this age are experiencing incredible intellectual growth and motor development. Keep them occupied through:

Physical activity: Physical activity like hide and seek, finger painting, and other similar activities will keep your kids stimulated and active during a lockdown.

Papier-mache making: Grab all the stray paper no one has any use for anymore and make the most of them. Your kids can make literally anything out from papier-mache, and they will have a swell time.

Home schooling: Make out a bit of time to help your kids catch up on school work and teach them new things.

Activities with kids of all ages

Here are some other ideas to try with your kids, that cut across all age groups:

Baking together: If you have the tools and the means, you can bake with your kids and make it a fun-filled activity.

Watch family movies and/or cartoons: Based on their ages and what the family loves, this is a great time to turn your home into a cinema. They can watch movies all day long.

Ensure that your kids understand the reason of the lockdown and the importance of staying safe. You also should wash your hands at all times and disinfect your surfaces regularly. With the right preventive measures and especially by staying at home, we will all overcome this.

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