These are unprecedented times now and more than ever, there’s a need to start working from home. The best way to ensure that you meet your targets and deliverables is that you work in a comfortable and conducive home office. This article is full of tips and guides on setting up your home office. With a properly set up home office, you’re well on your way to working seamlessly and just like you’re still at work.

Setting Up Your Home Office: What You Need

Before getting the things for your home office, there are some things you need to put in place:

Eliminate distractions:

 It’s easy to get distracted when you’re working from home, especially if you don’t live alone. You can eliminate distractions by talking to the people you live with and explaining to them the importance of your work. You can also set up an area in the house farthest from TV or radio noises.

Set your working times

It’s easy to be lax when you are working from home,  so be sure to set and stick to working hours.

Plan for internet connectivity

You should make plans to always stay connected to the internet. This will ensure that you are in contact with your colleagues at all times. You can get a Mi-Fi, a router, or a hefty data subscription.

The Necessities  

Of course, to set up a home office, you need some essentials to help you recreate the flair of the office environment:

Stationery: You need some pens, pencils, and a notebook for jotting some stuff down. You can also opt to use your computer for this.

Sitting area: A comfortable chair and a desk are very important when you plan to work from home.

Charging necessities: Get an extension box or an alternative so you can be certain that all your devices will be properly charged.

Airing and lighting: If you’re not able to set up your home office in a position with a lot of natural air and light, be sure to make provisions for alternatives.

Device stands: If you’re not working with a laptop or also using a tablet or an iPad, you should invest in some device stands for your home desk.

Organization Tools: Get some organization tools so your workspace isn’t a mess. A file tray and cable organizers are great options.

Shop Online for Groceries: Instead of taking that long trip to the store, standing in the long queues, and spending the much needed time for family and your work to shop, you may also shop online for your basic food and grocery needs.

We hope that with this guide, you’re able to set up a productive home office.

A Short Note About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We can’t finish this article without talking about the root of this issue and what warrants the need to work from home, COVID-19. Right now, the world seems to be in panic mode, and we need to be extremely careful. Wash your hands, disinfect surfaces around you, stay at home except it’s extremely important, and hydrate regularly. See our youtube video on grocery care tips below.

Grocery Care in 5 Easy Steps.

Stay home and be safe